Waking in the Blue

Waking in the Blue

Isn't it Pretty to Think So?

Waking in the Blue's debut disc pays homage to intelligent pop while making its own bold way down a path strewn with melodies and lyrics informed by poetry and classic themes from American literature. Features special guest appearances by Chris Difford (Squeeze) and Ian McDonald (King Crimson). Available August 26, 2003. More...

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Tristan Park

Brian, Mike, and Jim were members of Tristan Park, a progressive rock band that performed throughout the United States and Europe from 1986 to 1998. Michelle performed live regularly with the band and appeared as a special guest on the second and third discs.

At the End of the Day

Tristan Park's self-funded debut release brought the band to the attention of progressive and melodic rock lovers all over the world. Released in January 1994.

A Place Inside

Released at the height of the band's popularity, A Place Inside was the group's first disc on England's GFT label. Released in August 1995.

Looking Homeward

The final Tristan Park disc was released in September 1998. The band toured Europe in the autumn of 1998 in support of this disc before going into its current hiatus.