Why Then?


So this is how you’re going to be?
Remember it was you who reached for me.
Now you say that you don’t know
exactly how you feel.

I’ve always been in love with you
ever since you smiled at me that day.
Every time I close my eyes
you’re the only one I see

Why then, did you kiss me
and then say that you’re afraid?

So caught up in your visions of
the perfect life you painted long ago.
You can’t escape from your own mind
I can only sit and wait.

So why then, did you ask me
to come here anyway?
And why then, did you love me
and then turn and run away?

Just give fate the push it needs
The stars are telling us to take this chance.
I’m falling at your feet.
It’s only natural that I would want to be with you.
No one can take you from me now.

I see the way you look at me
I know that you are meant for me.
If only I could get you to
believe it on your own.

Your kiss is so soft and willing.
I touch you and you start to shiver.
Just let me have my way tonight.
I’ll keep you safe and warm.

Darling, won’t you let me
love you all the way.

Tomorrow, will you love me?
Or will you tell me that you tried then run away?

Written by Brian & Michelle Coombes © 2002 Coombes/Coombes